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Michael Crabtree's Adviser Has Quite The Shady History

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Remember when we said Michael Crabtree shouldn't be listening to his cousin? He might not be the best guy to get advice from. When the local alt-weekly has done a 5000-word investigative piece on you, you're probably not squeaky clean.


Crabtree's cousin/advisor/miscellaneous hanger-on, David Wells, has been advising the 49ers draftee to hold out, all season if need be. Here's an article Crabtree needs to read.

The first thing you need to know about Wells is that he made his name as a bail bondsman. But if a man whose company's motto is "U Ring, We Spring," isn't enough to turn you off, back in 2002 the Dallas Observer did a story that makes you wonder why he isn't in jail, let alone advising a top young athlete.

A partial list of curious episodes before and during Wells's time as head of David's Bail Bonds:

•Arrested for stealing boxing gloves from the Dallas Police Athletic League.

•Banned for life by USA Boxing over allegations of misuse of funds.

•Served as the omnipresent bodyguard shoving reporters out of the way for Michael Irvin after his arrest for possession.

•Indicted for serving as a private investigator with a license that had lapsed four years earlier, but exonerated after a dubious receipt appeared showing he had renewed it.

•Let off the hook for $50,000 when one of his clients skipped town, after a dubious document appeared showing he had warned the county.


•Started a security company with a court bailiff, which is illegal due to conflict-of-interest rules.

So, Michael Crabtree, when this man tells you $23 million guaranteed isn't enough money for you, you really ought to get a second opinion.

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