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OK, time for a Michael Irvin update. On Friday, Irvin was cited for having drug paraphernalia in his automobile — wouldn't it be great if Irvin drove a Cooper Mini, by the way? — and yesterday (and today) he's defending himself.


Last late night, Irvin told The Associated Press that the "drug pipe" found in his car "belonged to a friend of 17 years who left a Houston rehab center and came to Irvin's house in Carrollton for Thanksgiving." This happened during our Thanksgiving too, except instead of "drug pipe" it was a "rattle," and instead of "friend of 17 years" it was a "baby of 17 months."

Irvin's quote to the AP about the pipe and his friend is curious.

"I know the type of demons [people in rehab] have to fight and I am going to help them, because it's the only way I can keep them from getting to my family. I have to clean up my friends because they are around my boys. It's upsetting."

We certain mean not to cast aspersions on Irvin, or thoe company he keeps. We'll just say this: On Irvin's "Things To Do To Make Sure Drug Fiends Stay Away From My Children" list, we find it surprising that "Invite Them To Thanksgiving" made the cut.

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