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Michael Irvin's Talent Behind The Microphone Speaks For Itself

Here's a fascinating little tidbit picked up by SI's media impresario Richard Deitsch about former Cowboy and venerable Playmaker ("I BLEED ORANGE AND GREEN") Michael Irvin. After getting let go from both ESPN and Fox at various points in his post-football career, Irvin has been hired by the NFL Network to work the league's Hall of Fame induction ceremony on August 2nd. Irvin, whose articulateness hovers just a shade above Emmit Smith's indecipherable verbal stylings, was seemingly just handed the job by NFL Network Executive Producer Eric Weinberger. When asked by Dallas Morning News writer Barry Horn if this latest stint was a possible audition for full-time work at the Network, Weinberger said, "Michael doesn't need to audition for anyone. We all know he's one of the most charismatic and hard-working talents out there." We do? Media Power Rankings [SI] Hot Air: WNBA Brawl Attracts Attention But What About Viewers [Dallas Morning News]


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