The stories of Michael Phelps' wet-suited cocksmanship are plentiful and ostensibly ridiculous. Throughout his gold medal run, it was impossible not to go a day without an email floating in about Phelps' conquests (or attempted conquests) so it's not at all surprising to read Radar's story about Phelps "massively skeeving on girls" at the Playboy club in Las Vegas. Radar writer Neel Shah (a legend in his own right when it comes to lady-killing) was in the club when it all went down and breathlessly relayed this report:

Neel notes that the Olympian was accompanied by an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks, one of whose sole duties appeared to be pointing a flashlight at anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer during his efforts to obtain a gold medal in ass-grabbing. ("It was unreal," says Neel. "Within moments of entering the club he summoned two girls over... I've never seen such an aggressive grip.")

It's that type of hyper-aggressiveness and focus that separates world record holders from mere mortal professional athletes. Or Michael Phelps has just read "The Game" one too many times in his life. Michael Phelps Squeezes Out Another Victory At The Playboy Club [Radar]