Michael Silver To Josh McDaniels: “You Haven’t Done Dick”

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For this week's Deadcast, we brought on Michael Silver from Yahoo Sports (who sounds remarkably like Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to talk about the Jay Cutler situation. And retractable third arms.

We talk about the difference between a coach like Josh McDaniels giving a player the "my way or the highway" bullshit and a coach like Bill Parcells doing the same thing. The conclusion: you have to have earned enough coaching credentials to be able to be a real dick to your players.


Silver also ponders the possibility of McDaniels getting fired after one season on the job. And we talk about whether or not Cutler also deserves some blame for being a bitch. Because he is kind of a little fucking bitch. I also make a joke about Cutler's diabetes, only to find out Silver has a son with the same condition. Whoop dee! Almost worse than the time I made fun of people with Tourette's and people with OCD in front of a person who suffered from both. I am a good person.

We also talk about "Henry and June," the time I saw "Boogie Nights" in the theater with my folks, the sad state of the Raiders (Silver: "Al Davis has been a ruinous owner."), body surfing with Bobby Beathard (BRAH!) and more. There's a small flub at around the 30 minutes mark due to Silver's cell phone crapping out. Oh, and I say, "You know?" roughly 60,000 times. If it's not one hideous verbal crutch, it's another.


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