Michael Vick Likes To Watch Dogs Kill Each Other

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You know, as his "career" "progresses," we're starting to realize that Michael Vick's whole Ron Mexico imbroglio is among his least offensive incidents. (Because there's nothing offensive about herpes. Nothing!) It appears that Mr. Mexico has been accused of hosting illegal dog fights at an abandoned Virginia home.

Early reports indicate that Vick was allegedly running a dog-fighting and cockfighting operation from the back of the home. The Virginia Animal Fighting Taskforce was on the scene. Authorities report that Vick had been under investigation for several years for illegal animal fighting.


Michael Vick hosts cockfights! We mean, honestly ... it is kind of amazing that, at one point, Vick was one of the most marketable athletes in sports. Not that we wouldn't buy a ticket to a Vick cockfight; it might be fun to see him yell at his brother to stop eating the birds raw before the battles.

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