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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Michelle Beadle, oft regarded as the "most beloved ESPN personality in history" by, like, two or three people who work there has been in a serious relationship with Worldwide Leading hockey analyst and former pesky shit-stirrer, Matthew Barnaby, reports The Big Lead.

Unlike other relationships that have blossomed in the shadow of Lake Coumpounce, the Beadle-Barnaby union doesn't appear to be in jeopardy of getting either one of them stealthily fired as the BL reports that "ESPN was made aware of it [their humping] in 2010." So this love affair didn't result in any harassment charges being filed, anyone entering a sex rehab clinic, anyone being caught screwing on a desk, anyone breaking up a marriage, anyone hornily hurling themselves in front of a car, or anyone secretly pooping in a waste basket. Phew.


Now that this is out in the open, maybe Beadle will be able to show up to the next installmentof Blogs With Balls.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Oh and Young Jack is with us tonight. He has the other TV sitcom pilot inspired by an ESPN personality. It doesn't Stink as much as the last one. Commence with the bumping track.

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