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Michigan Bids Adieu To Lloyd Carr

It's official: Several Michigan players went to visit Lloyd Carr in his cage on Sunday and it turns out that the only reason he had been standing up at all is that he had been nailed there. Yes, Carr is an ex-parrot. (And Brian Cook had it first, by the way, despite what "ESPN has learned.") Say what you will about Carr at Michigan — he has the sixth-highest winning percentage in Big Ten history, and his program had a repuation for being clean — but this job begins and ends with the Ohio State game. That, and that pretty much alone, is why Carr will be gardening next year at this time. These numbers pretty much say it all.

So now do we enter the Les Miles Era at Michigan? Everyone's assuming that this is pretty much a lock (my suggestion of Steve Mariucci is rudely ignored, of course). Hmm, some are not so sure. And, of course, Political Outcast called the whole thing back on Sept. 2 (although I'm surethey weren't alone).


Goodbye, Lloyd. By all accounts you're a pretty nice guy; but you couldn't beat Ohio State, so you're screwed.

Let The Good Times Roll. It seems that your fears about Saturday's Kansas-Missouri showdown were unfounded. They will be selling beer at Arrowhead Stadium. Repeat: There WILL be beer. "KU associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said all three parties — KU officials, MU officials and Chiefs officials — discussed the alcohol issue and decided to give it a thumbs up. It's not as if fans from both schools won't be partying it up all afternoon in the parking lots anyway, but ..." [Kansas]

The Air Up There. Come with us now to the mountains of Peru, as an Ohio State fans argues with a Michigan fan at Machu Pichu. I think I see Lloyd Carr riding a llama in the distance. [Big Ten Tailgate]

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