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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Jack Miller was the starting center for all of Michigan's football games last season, and won a team award for being the squad's best lineman. Today, he told that he will not be returning for his senior season, in large part because he no longer wants to deal with the risk of getting concussed.


From ESPN:

"I know I've had a few [concussions] and it's nice walking away before things could've gotten worse," Miller said. "And yes, multiple schools have reached out. But I'm ready to walk away from it. My health and happiness is more important than a game."


"I know it's pretty unorthodox for a 21-year-old to see past his own nose," he said. "This game requires such a passion to excel, and my flame is burned out.

"However, I'd be lying if I said that the concussion thing doesn't scare me a little."


We'll reiterate what we said when Chris Borland walked away from the 49ers over similar health concerns: There's no use in making value judgements or crafting sweeping statements about "what it all means" here, but football players having access to previously hidden information about the inherent dangers of the game that they can then use when making big life decisions is progress, and progress is good.


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