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Michigan Costumed Vigilante Arrested Following Trailer Park Brawl

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Where to begin? Let's start with the Michigan Protectors. The self proclaimed "costumed activists" work to set up neighborhood watches and are part of an online community known as "Real Life Super Heroes." Just so we're all on the same page though, these people do not have super powers, despite whatever "unique or special abilities that they have developed over time (like emergency aid, martial arts, etc)." One such marauder, known as BeeSting, was involved in a skirmish with another man in a trailer park during which his shotgun was accidentally discharged. Take it away Detroit Free Press:

The two men tussled after the 38-year-old victim, whose girlfriend lives at the trailer park, grabbed the gun barrel because he felt threatened, according to Burton Police Lt. Mike Odette.

The owner of the trailer park had authorized one superhero to patrol the park, but that person was unavailable, paving the way for BeeSting and two other masked crusaders, although Odette said the others were not involved in the incident. He said that police were called to the trailer park about 12:07 a.m. Thursday and BeeSting was still on the ground wrestling with the victim when police arrived two minutes later. The gunshot sent a round into a vacant trailer, and the victim had a cut on his lip, apparently from the altercation, but refused medical treatment.

Odette noted that no super powers were witnessed by the officers on the scene.

BeeSting faces two felonies: assault and wearing body armor while committing a violent crime. That, however is not the worst of it. Michigan Protectors member Arsunal informs the Free Press that they plan on kicking BeeSting out of the group. Good luck replacing his "[s]ituational awareness, disaster mitigation and disaster scene management[,]" you fools. Who Watches The Watchmen??


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