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Michigan State Coach Was Texting About Strip Clubs Before Killing Two In Car Crash

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Prosecutors say that Todd Moyer, who was a strength and conditioning coach for the MSU men’s basketball team, was texting with friends and Googling for strip clubs when he plowed his car into another in July 2017, killing a woman and her 5-year-old daughter.

Moyer was convicted last month in Monroe County on two counts of reckless driving, and his sentencing will be Thursday. Prosecutors are asking for the maximum guidelines, about 15 years in prison. Moyer’s defense has requested a sentence without any prison time.

In July 2017, Moyer’s pickup collided at 78 mph on southbound U.S. 23 with a vehicle driven by Gladys Jonson, 36, and her daughter, Za’Kira, in a construction zone marked by a rumble strip and eight orange warning signs. Prosecutors said Moyer did not try to evade or brake and drove at a constant 78 mph for at least five seconds before the crash.

In the five minutes before, according to a press release, Moyer conducted one Google search for strip clubs in Delaware, Ohio, and texted a link one minute before crashing. He also received and read eight texts and sent four others. Moyer’s only unread message occurred at the same time he collided.

After the impact, according to prosecutors, Moyer texted: “Omg, I’m fucked. Two ppl killed,” “Bro. I swear,” “I’m going to jail.”


Moyer, who earned $100,000 a year on Tom Izzo’s staff, was suspended from coaching in November after charges were filed against him. MSU did not renew his contract when it ran out in June. As part of his plea for more lenient sentencing, Moyer’s defense cited statements from Izzo and several former players about Moyer’s character, and claimed that he is working with Izzo on a PSA about distracted driving.

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