Michigan wide receiver Csont'e York was suspended indefinitely after news broke that he was allegedly involved in an assault that took place on July 18. Now, the Ann Arbor police department has released video of York destroying a guy with a sucker punch outside of an Ann Arbor bar.

York is the guy in the fishing hat near the top of the frame. One of York's teammates, Da'Mario Jones, starts jawing with a guy as York very carefully sets up his shot and then just unloads on the poor bastard. The dude who got hit lost a tooth and broke his jaw in three places, which he had to have wired shut.


According to the police report, this happened because of an argument about hockey and football. From MLive:

A witness described for police what happened after he and the victim left Scorekeepers.

"A group of people were arguing about football and hockey. Everyone was talking … crap. ... (The victim) was jaw-jacking. All (of a) sudden, the guy just came up and cold clocked (the victim)."

York will be charged with a count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery.