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Mickey Mouse Assaulted For Supporting The Boston Red Sox

The All-Star Game is in Anaheim next month, so in the tradition of shameless corporate sponsorship, MLB created 30 Mickey Mouse statues, each one honoring a different pro team. Naturally, the Red Sox Mickey has been brutally violated.

The seven-foot-tall statues were placed in various locales around the Los Angeles area as part of a promotional contest, and the statue adorned with Red Sox logos and colors was sent to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. That's where it sat until last Friday, when Science Center officials noticed that Mickey had been vandalized. Someone "whacked" it with something, creating "a crack in one of the arms and some damage to the baseball Mickey is holding." Mickey has been hospitalized until the damage can be repaired. Sorry ... until it can be re-imagineered.


It's been well-established that Red Sox Nation has extended its tentacles all across this great land, but now we at least have proof that people willing to physically bash inanimate Red Sox logos are just as plentiful and aggressive. All the other statues appear to be alive and well—for now. If Yankee Mickey ends up at the bottom of the LA River, don't say he wasn't warned.

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