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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

For about 59 minutes and 56 seconds it appeared that MTSU's blackout was going to be as successful as Georgia's. Then, in final four seconds, MTSU's Joe Craddock lifted a pass and the blackout took over. That's the only explanation for what Florida Atlantic's defensive backs were doing on the final play of the game. They looked into the crowd, saw all black — the void in their own lives — and couldn't focus on the football plummeting towards the end zone. This is the second hail mary worthy of note from MTSU. The other is after the jump. Does this look somewhat familiar? It should. MTSU came within a half-yard from pulling off two hail marys for victory in the same month. What's the play called? Hope. Named, of course, after offensive coordinator G.A. Mangus's daughter. Here's Hope against Kentucky.

MTSU's Joe Craddock is the modern day Doug Flutie. If Flutie had never played in the NFL after college. And Florida Atlantic were Miami get the picture. MTSU pulls out win on last-second catch [Tennessean]


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