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Mike And Mike Can Blow Up The Internet With One Sentence

What on earth could have possibly driven the ESPN duo Mike And Mike (or greenberg golic ESPN) to the "On Fire" setting on Google trends earlier this afternoon? I saw this earlier today and thought something preposterous happened on-air this morning, like Golic attacked Greenberg with a mallet. But apparently it doesn't take anything remotely that interesting to have Mike and Mike "on fire" according to Google trends. No, it just takes Greenberg talking about how he was sitting at home Googling himself while he took a sick day to find out all the negative things people said about him. (Honestly, it's not that bad considering their the first to play up the whole ex-jock vs. hair product-slathered weenie comparisons. We all know ESPN has a tremendous reach and this show is extremely popular, but can some quick banter about Google really cause Mike and Mike listeners to react so instantaneously? If so, it appears Greenberg's got some David Koresh-like magnetism stuffed inside that man-purse of his. No wonder someone would pay $57,000 to sit in a room with them. Enjoy tonight and please come back tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin.


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