Mike D'Antoni Is Delighted To Hear Kobe Was Live-Tweeting The Game

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So, this super-fun and interesting Kobe-Bryant-live-tweeting-the-game experience has sort of become a thing. ABC was routinely showing his tweets on the screen. After the game, both ESPN desks—the bootleg one with Kurt Rambis and the real one with Wilbon, Magic et al.—were discussing whether Kobe should be tweeting during the game.


As you can see above, even the press at the game caught wind of what was going on and you know they will not let this out of their teeth. D'Antoni is clearly annoyed that this is something he's going to have to deal with and almost rolls his eyes out of his head when asked about it. It's great to have that commentary.

Then later, Bill freaking Plaschke brought the tweeting up to Dwight Howard and, I don't know, tried to get Howard to tell Kobe to go fuck himself or something.

Kobe was tweeting the whole game, like coaching from his bed, he was like saying 'get it inside, get it inside, get it inside,' he kept saying that again and again. I guess you agree with that? And what do you think of this whole concept of him pretty much coaching the team, he said you all played matador defense and he was pretty much going full barrel.


The Spurs beat the Lakers 91-79, by the way. Tim Duncan had a double-double and Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker each bested him by one point with 18. The Lakers' first half was characterized by awful shooting (35 percent from the field in the first quarter) and sloppiness (seven turnovers in the second quarter).

Oh yeah, and Kobe Bryant tweeting, instead of playing.