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Mike Francesa Brings Crying Mets Fan Back On Show, Surprises Him With Ticket To Game

Sunday morning, a Mets fan known as Will from Queens called into the show, and got himself so worked up about the Mets’ postseason chances that he cried. Mike Francesa brought him back on the show today and surprised him with a ticket to tonight’s game. Will sounded like he was going to cry, again.


The two chatted for a few minutes, and Will assured everyone that he is totally normal and fine. He also revealed that he doesn’t watch the Mets on TV because he doesn’t have cable, but listens to every game on the radio. That’s when Francesa decided to drop the bomb, inviting Will to be his guest of honor at the game tonight.

When Will finally spoke, it sounded like he was about to start crying again, but he admirably pulled himself together. We hope Will has fun at the stadium tonight, and we hope Francesa manages to stay awake for the whole game.