Mike Francesa Claims He'll End His Radio Show At The End Of 2017

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Mike Francesa says he will stop his daily radio show on WFAN at the end of 2017. Francesa was a guest on Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time podcast when he revealed his plans to walk away from the show when his contract expires.

Garbage Time used Francesa’s comments for a preview of the full episode, which comes out Thursday. Francesa insisted that he wasn’t fully retiring, but only ending the daily grind, which he occasionally filled with phone scrolling and stunted play-by-play.



A transcript:

I’m not saying I’m leaving the business. I’m leaving Monday to Friday, five and a half hours, FAN. I’m bringing the curtain down on that part of the show.


I am not saying I’m not gonna work again. I’m not saying I’m not gonna do anything ever again. What I’m saying is, that part of my life is ending. At the end of ‘17, that is ending. I agreed to stay through the end of ‘17. We talked about me leaving earlier. We discussed it. They didn’t really want it. They didn’t really give me a chance to get out. They never offered me a reasonable way out. So, ‘17 it is. At the end of ‘17, there will be no more FAN. That I promise.


We’ll see.

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