Mike Francesa Forgot To Turn In His Heisman Vote

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The Heisman Trophy winner will be announced this Saturday, and it's going to be a good one. Will it be Johnny Manziel, the dual-threat QB who had to win the starting job and ended up setting SEC passing records? Will it be Manti Te'o, who anchored the defense that led Notre Dame back to the title game and national prominence? Or will it be Collin Klein? (No.)

Whoever it is, it could be close. (The latest straw poll, though with just 11 voters, gives it to Manziel.) Every vote counts. Even WFAN's Mike Francesa's, except—Francesa didn't get his ballot in on time.

"What screwed me up was, I usually know [the deadline] is the Monday after the Army-Navy game; the Army-Navy game this week is later."


A good excuse, if this weren't the fourth straight year Army-Navy is being played the same day as the Heisman ceremony. Sorry, Jawnny Footbawl.

This answers the obvious question, yes, Mike Francesa has a Heisman vote. (Actually, he does really know his college football.) Pretty much everyone has a Heisman vote. Despite the geographic disparity in college football interest, Heisman media voters equally represent every part of the country. Francesa is just one of 145 voters in the Northeast, the same number as the Midwest or the South.


Francesa's omission won't have too big an impact, since there are 928 votes overall, including one tabulated by a nationwide fan vote—OH FUCK, I forgot to vote, I thought the deadline was the Monday after the Army-Navy game.