To our absolute delight, FrancesaSnoozeFest 2012 will not go away. Our friends at Awful Announcing posted a video from Friday's show in which at least three callers had some thoughts for Mike.

Ken from his cell: "I know you're a big movie buff, and for the kids, you should probably watch The Smurfs cause they probably love Sleepy—just like their Dad, know what I'm saying!" Charlie from Queens opines that NFL Network is a snooze-fest and prefers MSG Network since it provides ample archival clips of Sleepy Floyd. Justin from Queens wonders if Mike fell asleep during an interview with Bob Ojeda.

Francesa, getting more and more agitated with each call, finally just drops his checkbook on our heads: "I'm still gonna be here tomorrow, the next day, the next day, and get paid a fortune to sit here and do this. So, just remember that."

OK, Mikey! Enjoy the video above. Or let's continue to just gaze upon this for the rest of the afternoon: