On yesterday‚Äôs show, Mike Francesa passed along the Supreme Court‚Äôs ruling on whether a slur could be registered as a trademark‚ÄĒa case that would have affected the Washington Redskins‚Äô trademark‚ÄĒwith the signature delicate approach only he could provide.

When discussing The Slants, the Oregon-based Asian-American band at the center of the case, Francesa not only called the group ‚ÄúSlant,‚ÄĚ but referred to the musicians as ‚ÄúOriental Americans‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúa group of young Oriental Americans.‚ÄĚ Later in the day, producer Brian Monzo corrected the host and told him to use the phrase ‚ÄúAsian American.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúYou‚Äôre telling me that using the word ‚ÄėOriental American‚Äô is a slight?‚ÄĚ Francesa asked.

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Francesa was willing to use the preferred nomenclature to make everyone happy, although he still groused about it. ‚ÄúHas it gotten to that point where that would be considered a slight?‚ÄĚ Francesa said. ‚ÄúOh boy.‚ÄĚ Indeed.