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Mike Francesa To Be Replaced By Chris Carlin, Bart Scott And Maggie Gray

The ever-incredulous Mike Francesa is following through on his promise to step down from his daily hosting gig on New York’s WFAN when his contract expires next month. Now we know his replacements—plural, because how could one person alone possibly carry on the, ah, unique legacy of Francesa.

Those replacements are reportedly Chris Carlin of WIP in Philadelphia, Bart Scott of ESPN 98.7 (and formerly of the New York Jets) and Maggie Gray of CBS Sports Radio, per the New York Daily News.

Probably all at least somewhat fine-ish people and radio talents, but will they appropriately convey their horror and confusion at buying their sons Wrestlemania or get totally confounded by Star Wars chronology or just count to 42 on air, because what else are they going to do on their sports talk radio show, talk about sports? I think not.


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