Mike Francesa's First Two Callers Berated Him About Stuttering And Weather Forecasting

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Hardly a day goes by without WFAN's Mike Francesa getting trolled by his own listeners. But this is something special—today's show kicked off with two callers, each uninterested in sports, but consumed with blasting Francesa for the oddest peccadillos.

The first caller's question:

"You consider yourself a tough grader for the Hall of Fame, right? If there was a hall of fame for stuttering and repeating yourself, would you put yourself in it?"


Francesa's immediate response is to stutter out a denial that he's ever stuttered. Then he asks the caller what he does for a living. This goes nowhere. Francesa decrees that he's been on the air for a long time, and has therefore done a good job. The show only goes downhill from here, because the next caller, Joe in Englewood, wants to talk about Francesa's inaccurate snow predictions.

If only all sports talk radio could be as focused as Deadspin's Jack Dickey, calling in to WFAN after the Jets' brutal Week 15 loss to the Titans:


[via Jimmy Traina]