Mike Piazza Has Been Captured By Nelly

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Last week, Hall of Fame catcher Mike Piazza needled the city of St. Louis when he said he’d rather own a third-tier Italian soccer team than an MLS team in St. Louis because you “can’t get a good meal” in the city.


Upholding St. Louis’s reputation as the most thin-skinned city (non-Boston division) in America, a local news station responded to Piazza’s comments by dispatching a camera crew to various Italian restaurants around the city and rubbing footage like this in Piazza’s face:

Anyway, we’re not really here for that. What we are here for is this tweet that rapper and St. Louis native Nelly sent last night, in which he appears to be hanging out with a stupendously drunk Piazza:

We hope that Nelly will release Piazza and allow him to return to his family without incident.