Mike Zimmer On Why He Cut Kicker Daniel Carlson: "Did You See The Game?"

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Mike Zimmer discusses cutting Daniel Carlson (kicker)

Being a kicker in the NFL sucks not only because everyone gets mad at you when you fuck up, but also because nobody ever respected you all that much in the first place. How else to explain Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer answering a question about why he cut kicker Daniel Carlson—who missed three field goals on Sunday, including what would have been the game-winner—so coldly as this?

Reporter: What went into the decision today to let Daniel Carlson go?

Zimmer: Did you see the game?

Reporter: Was it an easy decision?

Zimmer: Yep, it was pretty easy.

Someday, I’d like to see a coach handle a question about a quarterback who just threw five interceptions with such brutal honesty, instead of lying about what a “competitor” the guy is.