So I'm wondering which incident in Milton Bradley's storied career prompted The New York Times to ask him to write a blog for them about the All-Star Game? This one, perhaps? Or this? Ah, I know; it was this one, wherein Bradley actually injured himself while trying to get at an umpire, ending up on the DL. That was classic.

Make no mistake, the Times knows exactly what it's doing. It's only a matter of time before Bradley's famous temper spectacularly erupts, and the paper wants a front-row seat for all the excitement. Which is why they had to be a bit disappointed with the first effort; in which Bradley describes a game of dominoes with Eddie Guardado and Eric Hurley. What?

Ron Washington was standing over my shoulder talking trash like he always does and had everybody laughing hysterically when he asked me to come see him in his office for a minute. I dropped everything and headed to his office wondering: “What have I done now?”

Boooring. Although it's a testament to Bradley's body of work that he thinks he could be in trouble and not even know what he did. I respect that.


Despite the dull start, rest assured that I will be checking in with this blog daily.

Milton Bradley: 'What Have I Done Now?' [New York Times]