Milwaukee Bar Celebrates World Cup In Most Tone Deaf Way Possible

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There's a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, called The Nomad, and like most bars in America, it is putting on all kinds of airs in an effort to lure people inside of it to watch World Cup games this month. But The Nomad is offering potential patrons one thing that other bars are not: tone deaf cultural tourism!

From On Milwaukee:

The Nomad event includes the temporary construction of a courtyard viewing area inspired by the colors and spirit of the mountainside "favelas" of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The "Nomad Favela" takes over an adjacent parking lot and consists of a surfboard bar, a Belair Cantina taco shack, and large outdoor space to view all of the tournament's soccer matches on six large televisions. The unique space is the collaborative effort of a small group of volunteering artists and craftspeople and includes several from Makerspace.


Right. So favelas are slums where millions of poor Brazilians live in abject poverty. Many of them are under police occupation; some are held by drug lords, and they are generally characterized by their isolation and lack of basic services. They are not super fun places, and they are probably not places that people should use as inspiration for playhouses in which they can eat tacos and sip craft beer while watching soccer.


I can't say for sure, but I doubt there are too many "surfboard bars" and "Belair Cantina taco shacks" in that place.

Top photo via On Milwaukee

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