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Milwaukee's Tailgaters Highly Evolved In All Things Toilet-Related

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Where have you publicly evacuated when confronted with an overactive beer-filled bladder and nary a port-o-potty in site to relieve yourself during tailgating? Some duck behind cars and unleash right on the asphalt; others use their empty beer bottles as rudimentary urine containers.

In Milwaukee, makeshift toilets are proving to be a profitable business for some enterprising Brewers' fans. When last week's home opener left many cheese-wolfers standing in line for up to 30 minutes at the Port-O-Lets, others stepped up and charged money to those pee-pee dancing parking lot revelers. Those plucky kids at Walkoff Walk found this story in the Journal-Sentinel which broke down the other options:

• "One man set up a plywood screen around a large plastic barrel and charged $1 per use. "


• "A nearby competitor was reportedly charging $3 per visit for a crude toilet surrounded by a shower curtain."

• "Most elaborate was the operation of Brenden Augustine of Waukesha in a parking lot east of the stadium. He mounted a rented portable toilet on the back of a pickup truck and charged $5 a visit, or $10 for all-day access. Augustine said he and his buddies started the day charging $1 and $5, but raised the rates when long lines began to form."

These measures also ensure that Milwaukee's fly population will also be well-fed throughout the season.

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