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Minor Football League Cannot Remember Its Own Quirks, Takes Away Points At Championship Halftime

Not too many people know about the drop kick rule in pro football—it's one of those things Bill Belichick ordered Doug Flutie to do so that the Patriots might rub the league's nose in it. Essentially, one can punt the ball through the uprights for an extra point or field goal. But modern offenses now have no use for a sneak-attack field goal.

But arena football, which employs a bag of tricks to keep its game Exciting and Explosive and plenty of other adjectives you'd see on a local television commercial, gives two points for a drop-kick extra point, and four for a drop-kick field goal. Except when it doesn't, like in, oh, say, the Southern Indoor Football League's championship game.


The Albany (Georgia) Herald explains:

All of a sudden, a drop kick was worth just one point on a PAT attempt - after Albany Panthers kicker Geoff Boyer had hit three for six points Saturday in the SIFL Championship game.

The officials' post-halftime decision to remove three points from Albany's score left a record crowd of approximately 7,500 at the Albany Civic Center bewildered and even prompted Panthers GM Will Carter to the field with league commissioner Gary Tufford and Dan Blum, supervisor of officials, on the phone to verify the ruling.

"My thing is this. All year long and last weekend, we kicked the two and it was good, and my thing is, how can this change in the middle of a game, a championship game?" Carter said.

Expect Jim Irsay to present this as a good precedent at the next owners' meetings.

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