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Minor League Baseball Rain-Delay Dancing Fool Proves Tommy John Surgery Defeats Zombies

Tipster Andrew B. points out that Casey Mulligan, mere mortal of rain-delay Thriller 2009 performance fame, recently decided "to hang up the cleats at age 23 after deciding not to undergo Tommy John surgery. He was living the dream as a catcher turned pitcher with an actual shot to make it to the bigs, and was a favorite among those who followed Cardinals Minor League ball."

A month ago, the right-handed pitcher was still mulling over the decision, and like many athletes who suffer severe injuries, the doubt crept in.

"Just the fact that I will not be able to pitch again until 2013, and I'll be a free agent in 2013," Mulligan said in July. "I won't be a Cardinal. Do I get the surgery and hope a team signs me when I haven't pitched in two years?"


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