Last year, the Arizona Sundogs—the Central Hockey League affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes—put their co-owner, GM, captain, and marketing director in a scissor lift until they sold 300 season tickets. (It took six grueling days, but they did it.) The Sundogs have another stunt this year, but this time, people are being buried alive.

Majority owner Brad Fain and general manager Chris Presson were put into the ground earlier today. According to Fox Sports Arizona, the two are in an "eight-foot container with a grated cattle guard at the top, allowing for air circulation and the opportunity for fan interaction."

If you want to visit them, they're in an empty lot somewhere in Arizona. You can bring them housewarming gifts, like a Grumpy Cat poster.


Spirits seem to be high. It's only the first day, though. We'll see how long it takes to reach 300.


Top photo via Arizona Sundogs

H/t to Clue Heywood