Yesterday, MLB announced that minor leaguer Justin Dowdy is suspended for 50 games for refusing to take a drug test. Dowdy, a former White Sox pick who spent most of last season with the Giants' AAA Fresno Grizzlies, signed last month with the independent Grand Prairie (Texas) AirHogs and so will have to serve his suspension if and when he signs with an MLB-affiliated team.

Today Dowdy reached out to us to dispute MLB's version of events. He says he never refused to take a drug test, and that baseball's testers never got in touch with him.

"The day I signed a contract with Texas, I got a call from my mom saying some guy from MLB keeps calling her," Dowdy said. "I told her 'don't worry about it. They have all my info and my cell phone number. They should call me, not you.'"

A few days later, he says, a drug tester showed up at his mother's house looking for Dowdy.


"They never came to the address that I listed for my offseason living," Dowdy says. "They went to my mom's house. I'm 28 years old. I don't live with my mom! They messed this up in so many ways."

Minor League Baseball told us they won't comment on their drug testing program or Dowdy's case, but that "all players are given the opportunity to appeal if they feel their ruling was in error."