Miss Teen South Carolina Has Discovered The Map To Our Hearts

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She captivated the nation with her controversial stances on maps, and "the Iraq, everywhere such as." Yesterday we showed you the video of her performance at the Miss Teen USA Pageant, and like the rest of "U.S. Americans," you instantly fell in love. Now, here's more of Miss Teen South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upland, including photos, and her dreams for the future.


Plus, we give you a handy, informative Miss Teen South Carolina tube map found over at The Morning Toast. Enjoy.


The baseball team pictured above, by the way, is the Anderson Joes (Independent South Coast League), named for Shoeless Joe Jackson and based in Anderson, South Carolina. Now I'm going to go watch the video again; really, it never gets old.

And of all the great comments so far, one of the best is "Does the bell mean nothing??"


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