Aw hell. Just when it seemed like we were about to enjoy a brief drama-free existence in the internet universe, along comes this report from the New York Daily News that Major League Baseball has asked a judge to "help plug its leaks." You know, these leaks.

According to the story, the MLB wants a New York judge to force one of the insurance companies to be more cooperative with Selig, Inc.:

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday, the office of commissioner Bud Selig asked the judge to step in with an order compelling the Beazley Insurance Co. of Farmington, Conn. to tell the court why it should not "produce all records" that would help determine who shared the financial records of a half-dozen teams with The Associated Press and Deadspin last year.

Beazley who? Beazley wha? In other words, we have no comment at this time.