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MLB Leaks New Astros Logo, Inexplicably Blames Hurricane Sandy

The Astros are headed to the AL next year, and with a new league comes a new look-a blue and orange rebranding (because the Mets are totally the franchise you want to evoke) and a lone star logo. We know all this because it has leaked repeatedly in the last few days. First, it was merchandise at local sporting goods stores. Then it was Astros-branded iPhone cases sold online. MLB offered a public apology to the team for the leaks, and for ruining their official launch party this coming Friday.

Then they went and leaked them again, on the Astros' official website. Go to the roster page, and after you're done marveling at how the Stros don't have a single marketable player, click on anyone and their profile shot shows them in the new duds.


We have to presume this is part of an official-unofficial rollout, staged leaks to build buzz. (Is it working? Did you know about these new unis until just now?) The alternative is pure incompetence, with a truly bizarre explanation. An @MLB tweet from this morning:

MLB Advanced Media, in advance of super-storm Sandy, inadvertently posted photos of players in their new uniforms on bio pages.

Would really love to know what one has to do with the other. I guess it was very important that East Coasters saw those hot new unis before they lost power.

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