This is the week when most MLB teams have their official Photo Day, meaning that we have once again been graced with a bunch of pictures of professional athletes looking like awkward eighth-graders. We browsed through a bunch of this year’s crop and found our favorites. Blue Jays catcher Jack Murphy, who looks eager to fill his role as R.A. Dickey’s stunt double, will start us off.

Here’s the perpetually exhausted Muppet known as Hunter Pence:

Tim Lincecum’s photo needs lasers and cats:

Jayson Werth has seen and done some things, man. He did it all for you:


Mike Carp is the first wizard ever to play in MLB. Congratulations, Mike:

Did someone order a hot, big dish of Bartolo Colon? It’s ready:


All in favor of throwing up deuces at any time? Joc Pederson says aye, in the form of a deuce:

That’s not how you hold a bat, Ryan Lavarnway:


Is this turning you on? Joel Hanrahan hopes so:

“Hey. I’m back.”


We covered Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa and his push broom separately, but here it is again:

The Rockies’ catchers took their photos with their masks on, so a lot of them looked like Ryan Casteel:


However, Audry Perez still looked quite photogenic:

There’s nothing particularly funny about this Max Scherzer photo. I’ve always just found his heterochromia to be cool:


Kris Medlen’s such a showoff. Look at him adjusting his hat and holding a baseball with one hand:

“Psst. Hey. I’m Eric Surkamp. Have you ever wondered what this thing is? Well, as I found out five minutes ago, it’s called a ‘baseball.’ Isn’t that neat?”


Royals outfielder Terrance Gore was asked to jump in his photoshoot. Here’s one shot, in which he is pure happiness:


And here’s an even better attempt:

Photo Day is the best.

Photos: Getty Images