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MLB Slaps Sen. Dodd On The Wrist

Illustration for article titled MLB Slaps Sen. Dodd On The Wrist

The only way just about anyone we know would ever donate money to a Presidential candidate has turned out to be bunk: Major League Baseball says Chris Dodd's Game 6 ALCS tickets promotion is against baseball rules.

Major League Baseball scuttled the plan, Dodd spokesman Hari Sevugan confirms. They'll be offering refunds to contributors who were in it for the baseball, rather than for the face time with Dodd.

"This isn't quite Bucky Dent or Aaron Boone, but we are disappointed nonetheless. Senator Dodd was looking forward to spending a night watching the Red Sox take on the Indians at Fenway Park, but unfortunately Major League Baseball's rules are such that the contest cannot continue. We will still be cheering on the Red Sox every step of the way to the World Series, and look forward to inviting someone to spend a day on the trail with Chris Dodd," Sevugan said in an email.


Wait, so does this mean he's not going to game at all now? Some kind of fan you are, Senator.

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(UPDATE: We've been informed that Sen. Dodd IS, in fact, going to the game. Good for him.)

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