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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Back when we were interviewing Presidential candidates about sports, we talked to Chris Dodd, who gleefully touted his Red Sox fandom. Well, now he's putting your money where his mouth is. Or something.


If you make a donation of $20.04 to the Dodd campaign, you can win Game 6 ALCS tickets.

Next Thursday at 5 P.M. Eastern, we're going to pick one entrant at random, live and online, to attend Game Six with me that Saturday. I'll put up the two tickets, $600 towards airfare for you and your guest, and a hotel room in Boston.

Here's how it works. You make a minimum contribution of $20.04 (in honor of the last time the Red Sox won the World Series, 2004) and you have as good a shot as anyone else to attend the game. And whatever happens, your contribution will go towards our campaign, restoring the Constitution, and ending the war in Iraq.

You can throw your hat in the ring right here. Screw restoring the Constitution, that overrated document; get us Sox tickets! Though you do, in fact, have to watch the game with Chris Dodd.

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