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MMA's War Machine Busts Up Bar, Spits On Cops

Take a heavily tattooed MMA-fighter-cum-porn-actor, who legally changed his name to "War Machine," and it's a surprise we're reporting on his bar brawl instead of reporting on when he doesn't start one.

Mr. Machine broke into the public consciousness on Spike's The Ultimate Fighter, back in 2007 when his name was still Jon Koppenhaver. His undistinguished record led to a brief flirtation with porn, which ended when he (establishing character alert) started fighting everyone at an industry party.


That was just a preview for last night, when he got into it with some bouncers at San Diego's Thrusters Lounge. He'll be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, although police also said he struck someone with his fists. Are his fists considered deadly weapons? If so, that's an awesome gimmick for his MMA comeback.

TMZ got a photo of the aftermath (of course they did):


See that bag? That's called a spit bag. They break that out when the perp won't stop spitting on officers. Also a good gimmick for an MMA comeback.

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