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Mmmmm... Milk.

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Sam Hornish Jr., who pulled out too soon a little earlier in the race, is now free to pop off anytime he would like. He's your Indy 500 Champion, and for some reason, poured a bottle of milk all over himself immediately afterwards. I understand that it's a tradition, but I think it's one that's a little weird. Does next week's winner slather gravy and creamed corn all over himself?

As for the Jalopnik boys, you can see above their effort to spread the Berman/Leather love. That's the sign right there, behind Lance Armstrong. A valiant attempt, I think you'd have to agree. They did themselves proud this weekend, and their coverage continues. Enjoy it here.


Anyway, as for the race itself, nineteen-year-old Marco Andretti was leading the thing for most of the final lap, and Hornish passed him on the inside at the last possible second. Marco, just a few laps prior, had passed his father Michael to take the lead. American racers finished first, second, and third.

Also, five fans were injured earlier in the race when some debris from a car flew into the stands. Everyone walked away, and thankfully, no one was hurt seriously. I don't know how any sort of car part goes hurling through the air and hits someone in the head and doesn't hurt them, but thankfully, it's possible.

Oh, and for those of you who are curious, Danica Patrick finished 8th.

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