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MMOD Not Working So Smoothly This Year

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Last year, when CBS' March Madness On Demand kicked off, we were concerned that there would be all kinds of problems. Millions of people trying to watch the tourney online? Seemed like a cluster-phooey waiting to happen. But, lo and behold, it actually worked for most people. We were amazed.

This year? They're having some more problems this year. First off, if you have a Mac ... hey, good luck! The "Help" section of the site basically admits that if you have a Mac, you're pretty much screwed. The worry last year was that the lines would be too long and no one would be able to get in; this year, the lines were fine and navigable, but once you got in, the bugs were plentiful. We've got three computers running in our apartment right now, and none of them are working. Either we have no audio, or no video, or it freezes ... all the problems that were avoided last year — and made us more comfortable about trying it this year — have come with a vengeance this year.

Maybe they'll get it fixed for the afternoon games ... but it's a mess and three quarters right now.


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(UPDATE: As soon as we said something, it appears to be working a bit better now.)

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