Last month, there was a brief, odd report that Pistons head coach Maurice Cheeks was involved in some sort of domestic dispute, but would not be charged. And that was the last we heard of it, until now: Through a FOIA request, the Detroit Free Press has obtained a copy of the investigation report.

On Aug. 30, a 45-year-old Atlanta woman visiting Cheeks's home in Birmingham, Mich., told police that he became enraged after discovering a drinking glass with another woman's lipstick on the rim.

“During the argument, (she) threw the glass down a flight of stairs, shattering it on the bottom of the staircase,” the officer wrote in the report. “She stated Cheeks was trying to prevent her from leaving and was taking her belongings out of the suitcase and throwing them around the bedroom ... screaming at her to clean up the broken glass and calling her a (expletive).”

The woman told police that Cheeks blocked her from leaving, pulling her hair and putting his fist against the side of her face. She said he agreed to let her leave when she agreed to clean up the broken glass. Instead, she fled and called 911.

When Cheeks was arrested, he denied he had gotten violent. The woman told cops she would testify against him in court, but four days later she called police to tell them she was ending her relationship with Cheeks and did not want to pursue the matter. The Oakland County District Attorney later declined to file charges.

The Free Press confronted a red-faced Cheeks at Pistons practice this weekend, and he didn't dispute anything in the investigation report, and was embarrassed that it had happened at all.

"No. 1, there’s always a little bit of embarrassment when something like that happens, right or wrong, there’s always some embarrassment," Cheeks said. "For myself, who has always prided himself on being a high character person, it definitely is an embarrassment. But it happened, right or wrong, and I’m moving on."


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