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Money Well Spent On Saban

• Sometimes, the cheaper coach wins. [The Wizard Of Odds]
• They're going to be selling beer for Kansas-Missouri game, which will be played at night. What could possibly go wrong? [Sports By Brooks]
• More love for Norv Turner. [The Coach Is Killing Me]
• A kicker tackles Devin Hester. [Enjoy The Enjoyment]
• David Ortiz was the MVP? Really? [Vegas Watch]
• If you could buy stock in the Boras Corporation, it might be a good time to sell it. [I Want To Be A Sports Agent]
• Curt Schilling is suddenly rather quiet about Barry Bonds. [My Baseball Bias]
• Here's how to defend yourself, UFC style. [Food Court Lunch]
• Hockey ... in Chinese! [PuckUpdate]
• Fun with the MLS Cup. [Scrapple & Iggs]


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