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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

More Fight Footage Emerges From Chiefs-Eagles Game

We're gradually learning more about the fight that broke out for several minutes during last night's NFL matchup at Lincoln Financial Field, and while the action may at first glance be more "meh" than mesmerizing, the complete absence of security is a legitimate cause for alarm.

Make no mistake that the size and severity of this fight may have seemed larger due to its taking place immediately in front of the pressbox—where several working media members immediately took to Twitter and reported on it. There aren't any big punches, and only a handful of "oh, wow" moments (specifically, the woman in the white jersey going pure Kung Fu). But it goes on for a very long time, and no uniformed security members seem to show interest in breaking it up. That might be understandable in the cheap seats, but tickets in this section cost a decent amount of money and, presumably, patrons sitting there might expect a bit more crowd control than the Eagles provided.

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