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More Fun With Bruce Weber

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Since we already devoted a whole post to a game that pretty much only we care about, we're not gonna bore you (again) with details of our Illini's 73-70 win over Missouri last night, the seventh straight win in the series. (Though it was a rather outstanding game, and some people even live-blogged it.)


But we did have to bring it up, because we're getting on a plane this afternoon to fly back to Illinois (and see the Illini play Idaho State at the Assembly Hall on Thursday, our first trip to the Hall since college) and we're feeling all wistful. And because last night, once again, we got to play our favorite joke on our dad.

Us: Hey, Dad, did (we) tell you that (Illini coach) Bruce Weber has a Web site?
Bryan Leitch: No, you didn't!
Us: Yeah. Are you near your computer now? It's
Bryan Leitch: B-R-U-C-E-W-E-B-E-R-.-C-O-M. Got it.
Oh, he's a photographer too? I didn't know ... aw! That's a naked guy! Coach!

(We use this joke — that the Illinois coach shares a name with a famous photographer of naked and nearly-naked men — pretty much every time we talk to our dad. It's really a quite resilient joke.)

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[/end self-indulgent postings about Central Illinois mere hours before we head there for the holidays]

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