More Ines Sainz Outrage From Male Readership: "This Bitch Wants Her Cake And Eat It Too."

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As we enter Day 4 of Ines Sainz disrupting the lives of the Jets, the NFL PR department, and every newspaper columnist in America, we continue to receive more unhinged emails from readers willing to speak with unfiltered honesty.

From reader ELK. (Sic'd):

While both the Jets and Ms. Sainz are at fault, I believe the inherent problem lies with Miss I think I'm Hot Shit. I will never condone cat-calling, harassment, or even disruption in the workplace, however in order to see the root of the problem one must take a step back. Why is Ms. Sainz even in the locker room? Why does she have access to the Jets' (Giants') facility? Why does she have 8 years of experience? Because she is a hot piece of ass. You can barely understand her when she talks, which immediately rules out her incredible reporting ability. Ms. Sainz entered the industry (and was given the opportunity) because she is drop dead gorgeous. I know girls who are obviously less attractive than her, and probably make 10% of the money she does while working 10x as hard. What does this say? That if you are beautiful then you don't have to work very hard to make money in America. It is a fact that we all have come to accept. However, this bitch wants her cake and eat it, too. She basically admits that she got this job because of her looks (self proclaimed sexiest reporter or whatever), rides the money and fame wave, and then gets pissed when athletes try to work game on her. Really? On top of that, you are walking into 53 naked guys wearing painted on jeans and a "suggestive" blouse. This outfit is fine, but not in the locker room.

The worst part about it is all of the "Good Morning America" and morning talkshow bitches who are interviewing this girl and feeling sympathetic. You know why they are feeling sympathetic? Because even old ass Barbara Walters or whoever got their job because they were a hot piece as well, and now they are old and miss the attention.

Basically, don't use your beauty to become rich and famous if you are not ready for the consequences (oh wahhh some guy said he wanted to take me out).