A reader writes: "This is in response to your article referenced above. Suggesting that Pete's decision is "harebrained or possibly retarded" tells me that you don't understand the business of college football. By doing this, Pete has given an important PAC 10 rivalry game drowned out by the SEC and Big 12 championship games (which are all about hype and money for their respective conferences) a national stage β€” the media and fans will be discussing this all around the country. The PAC 10 needs this and it's in the interest of every team in the conference to create big games and for the conference to make noise. The move is brilliant. I am not sure how many games have been decided based on the availability of one single time-out but I am sure that the number is low β€” low enough to be outweighed by the benefit to the PAC 10 conference, which only helps the Trojans. [Deadspin]