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More On The Santonio Holmes' Lawsuit: Lies, Damned Lies and Face Rubs

According to several conflicting reports about the incident that led to a lawsuit against Santonio Holmes, the Steeler won't face criminal charges, but only because he intimidated the victim by letting her rub his face?


The criminal charge thing is definitely true—police did not arrest Holmes and prosecutors consider the case closed. However, after news of the civil suit broke, a police report was released in which Holmes and the victim, Anshonae Mills, gave contradictory stories about what happened in Rain nightclub in Orlando on March 7. The two were arguing over a seat in the VIP area that Mills was sitting in and Holmes said belonged to him. He says she grabbed him by the wrist and called him a derogatory name. She says he threw a glass at her and cut her above the eye. He says the glass was thrown by another, unidentified woman. She says, "We'll you're ugly."

When police arrived they dragged them both outside, at which point Mills asked to speak to Holmes alone. According the the cops, they walked a short distance away and while they were talking, Mills began "smiling and rubbing Holmes[sic] face." When they came back, she declared the matter resolved and declined to press charges. He must have a hell of a skin care regimen.

Her lawyers say the face rubbing part is false and she was pressured into dropping the matter by the police and Holmes. And the reason there was no mention of a police report yesterday, was because the officer responsible didn't file it until 6:00 a.m. this morning. (Update: Perhaps that explains the baking?) Only three weeks late. Oops.

So what, if any of this, is true? I think the only objective reality here is that famous rich guys from Pittsburgh should never allowed to leave the house.


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