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More People Love The NHL Than The NBA

Because of the election madness going on — and we will say that matters are setting up well for Sen. Obama — we have spend an inordinate amount of time watching polls. So it's natural that we'd drift toward a sports one. It's moderately interesting: Turns out, according to Harris Interactive, more people call hockey their favorite sport than pro basketball.

Yes, yes, we know: THE NBA IS COLLAPSING IN ON ITSELF. This happens every year. But some other numbers are rather fascinating too. The NFL still rules, followed by baseball, college football, auto racing and men's college basketball. Other cool figures:

Those with a post graduate education are least likely (23%) to call professional football their favorite sport. Baseball does best among Hispanics (20%) and Echo Boomers (those aged 18-27) (21%). African Americans are least likely to say baseball is their favorite sport (6%).

College football is particularly popular among Republicans and those with post graduate degrees (both 20%). Five percent of those with household incomes of less than $15,000 cite professional football as their favorite sport.


We don't know what an Echo Boomer is, but we like their style.

Professional Football Remains America's Favorite Sports [Harris Interactive]

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