More People Watched The Spongebob Movie Than UCLA-Stanford Or Clemson-South Carolina: TV Ratings, In Context

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A weekly feature wherein we contextualize TV ratings for national sports broadcasts. Data via Nielsen, Sports Business Journal's John Ourand and @TVSportsRTGS. Viewership numbers represent approximate number of persons tuned to a given program; ratings share refers to the percentage of all households using a television who are turned into that program.

Monday, Nov. 19:
Monday Night Football: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers (ESPN): 12.5 million viewers
Dancing with the Stars (ABC): 14.3 million viewers


Tuesday, Nov. 20:
The Lights (NBCSN): 3,000 viewers
Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres (TV Azteca): 62,000 viewers

Wednesday, Nov. 21:
No highly rated sporting events.

Thursday, Nov. 22:
NFL football: New England Patriots at New York Jets (NBC): 19.2 million viewers
NCAA basketball: VCU vs. Memphis [at Paradise Island, Bahamas] (NBCSN): 70,000 viewers
Real Hunting (NBCSN): 69,000 viewers
Mexican soccer: Tijuana at Leon (Telemundo): 1.6 million viewers


Friday, Nov. 23:
No highly rated sporting events.

Saturday, Nov. 24:
NCAA football: Notre Dame at USC (ABC): 16.1 million viewers
Notre Dame-USC pregame show (ABC): 9.2 million viewers
NCAA football: Stanford at UCLA (FOX): 2.5 million viewers
NCAA football: South Carolina at Clemson (ESPN): 3.1 million viewers
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Nickelodeon): 3.2 million viewers


Sunday, Nov. 25:
Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants (NBC): 20.9 million viewers
Walking Dead (AMC): 10.4 million viewers